Its time to stand up as men and be counted, to be the heroes that our children need, to set examples by which they can follow.

Also us men to take back rightfully what is ours what God gave us...our masculinity. To stop being push overs, our families our children need strong men with values and self worth, not nice guys, but good men.

Here are few books to help get that steel back into your spine.

No more Christian Nice guy - when being nice instead of good hurts men, women, and children

Teaches men to live a life of boldness and conviction, the author uses a lot of examples of his own life which will have you laughing until you fall off your chair. To get rid of the nice guy mentality, and to stand up for yourself.

Wild at Heart

Excellent bit of reading material that will get you fighting for what is right, and no longer be the person who gets pushed around, it talks about a fight to fight, a beauty to rescue and an adventure to be had. It will have you laughing, cheering, and get you to rock the boat a bit.

Redeeming Love

It will make you realise as men how important a fathers love and affection is for your daughters, how they look up to us as men and the examples we set. That one day they may marry a man who respects them and cherishes them, and not treat them like dirt because of the bad example we set as fathers, making it seem like acceptable behaviour.

It is in a story format and not a self help step by step manual, basically meaning it will bring you closer to the character in the book and also help you identify through her agony how important our relationships with our daughters are.

Bringing up girls

A closer look at the psychological behaviour of girls and young women in todays society, and to help equip parents with necessary tools to raise healthy happy women.


  1. Wild at Heart and Redeeming Love are both truly excellent books and should be considered required reading for any man wanting to lead an honourable and respectful life.


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