Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to survive a mugging

How to survive a mugging

It has happened to a few of us, being mugged, and living in South Africa...well it begins to become like hobbie. But to survive a mugging and come out unscathed is another story all together. There are a few things to do in these sort of situations that will determine between life or death.

At Gun Point

Speaking from personal experience, being mugged at gun point is no joke, because at any minute your life can be non existent.

Having a steel barrel point at your forehead while you are looking down is not an ideal situation, but there are ways to calm the situation down, which will hopefully help in it not turning bad for you.

1.       It might be difficult but stay as calm as you possibly can, i don’t mean act like a wuss, but at the same time being calm but still collective will ease the agrressors mind.

2.       Don’t make any sudden movements, and im speaking to the guys who have watched to many kung fu movies, trust me that gun can go off quicker than what you can grab it, especially if he is standing a distance from you, and as much as we guys like to think we are superman, unfortunately its a comic book and not reality. The last thing you want is to give them a fright and the firearm goes off.

3.       If they want your wallet, don’t be a smart mouth and reply with something like “if you want it you will have to fight me for it ‘’ or “ stuff you” it will only make situations worst. Slowly reach for your wallet and give it to them.

4.       If you are with a date or your girlfriend, slowly put her behind you, it shows the aggressor that he can have the wallet but not the bird, it is showing him in a non violent way, and you likely to get added brownie points for your effort to protect her.

5.       It might be difficult but try to identify any markings on him, so that later you will beable to assist the police.

 Remember it is never being a wuss to surrender your wallet to a man with a gun, only clever, remember the saying “live to fight another day”, and that's what really counts.


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