Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sandwich for the day

There is nothing better than a sandwich that is packed with all the right nutrients, proteins, carbs, and of course a little of the good fats that keep our hearts healthy and pumping.

The Whole Wheat muscle builder 
one of the tools to help gain muscle

Protein Shake for the day

Protein Shake for the day

High protein shake that is perfect for the morning, it has a few intermediate GI carbs to give you a kick start, and a few low gi carbs to sustain energy. Just chuck it all in a blender, its quick and easy if you are running late for work.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Top 5 Supplements

If you had to have only 5 supplements in your cupboard, it would have to be these:

The natural way to increase your bodies growth hormone production, it contains zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6. Also proven to help with sleep.

Still the best protein by far, biological value

Drop the ego and get involved

How often do we as men sit back after watching a movie like Braveheart or Gladiator, wishing we could be heroes like them. Well we can in our own way. For families and for ourselves.
So many men at play areas with their kids, just sit there more interested in their cell phones, or magazines than interacting with their kids, when they should be spending every minute there climbing in the tunnels with their kids, encouraging them, being that support for them, cheering them when they climb over a obstacle, we don’t realise it but in that moment when we are cheering, encouraging, and playing with them we are becoming heroes for them, to see the approval on their fathers face goes along way to building our children's confidence and placing us in the hero status in their eyes.

Power Breakfast

I know, i would like a breakfast that is quick, easy, tasty and packed full of muscle building, bicep popping, ab revealing nutrients all mashed up into a bowl.

Well now its here, now some peoples taste buds are different to others, but personally feel this a excellent healthy meal that anyone could try, and it only takes 5 minutes to make

Fighting for what is right

Divorce...It should never be the only resort, yes it is understandable that there are cases where matters can’t be resolved, but is that really true, I think we forget that God can do anything. But in todays society it feels like it is the norm, like it is the only way out or the IN THING to do.
How often do men actually decide to fight for their marriages and make a stand, but it seems it is easier to just walk away, take the easy road out. Instead when we should be taking the hard road to prove ourselves as men of God and fight the battle

Every man needs adventure

There comes a time in every mans live when he starts to feel as if he is just going through the motions, battling each and every day with no vigour and fire in his heart. Losing all that he is and know as a man.

 How often do we watch movies like
into the wild or an old classic like don't cry wolf,
watching these guys go out there and live an adventure, making fire to keep warm, eating shrubs to sustain their lives, basically returning to where their hearts and cave man ability came from, to test themselves against nature and everything it has to throw at them.

 There is something about being in the wild, in the bush, that brings back to life something within every man, whether it be a surge of adrenaline pumping through our veins, or the incredible feeling of making a fire to keep you warm out of nothing but flint. Being one with nature, and the quietness it can bring one minute and absolute fear

Manchester United vs Arsenal

What a game on Sunday, everybody including myself expected United to run away with game like they did against Villa, but surprise surprise, the Gunners go one up in 2 minutes by a terrific strike from Walcott, who was a tad bit offside, which the linesman didn't pick up because he most probably left his glasses at home, what a shock

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Manchester United


Well done to Manchester United for winning the league back and rightfully so.

Last years incident where City basically pulled a sneaky one and took the title in the dying seconds of their game upsetting not only Sir Alex Ferguson and the boys but millions of Manchester United supporters who most probably couldn't believe what they were witnessing and hearing over the radio's.

Hurting at the loss of the title, and clearly peeved at the cheek of the way that the Noisy Neighbors stole the title from under their noses, Fergie most probably decided that its time for a lesson to be taught, and not just to win but to win by a mile.

As a old saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold, and that is exactly what United did this season, showing City how its done.

Some arguably say that this seasons United team is not the best that Fergie has produced, but they still managed to pull clear of City in the log by a good couple of points and to take the Title with four games remaining, where as last year City only won the title by basically a second.

And the fact that Van Persie was banging in goals also made the job so much easier....definitely one of the best buys so far.

It was however a disappointing season when it came to other trophies such as the champions league, and being kicked out early was not ideal, but then again a blessing in disguise, all the attention then went towards getting the title back.

There are a four more games left, then season break, and then the exciting stuff starts to happen....TRANSFER MARKET....I'm personally wondering what the largest transfer will be and by whom and for who.

Any ideas who Manchester United will be buying come transfer market is a guess to anyone but my personal opinion a decent mid - fielder is needed, someone with a bit of flare.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saving Money

A bachelor......saving money on food

A lot us guys battle when it gets to grocery shopping, especially if you are single or recently broken up, because a lot of the times the grocery shopping was done by your better halves or mom.

Now lets be honest how many of us look in to the fridge and all there is, is a few beers, maybe some cheese and milk which is most probably off by a week. Men have a tendency to rather skimp on the groceries and instead buy take out which is nothing wrong with but does become a problem on your wallet and belly if it is a every day occurance.

Now if you were to buy groceries on a weekly basis, just for the week, you can actually save money because the food you buy wont go off, now a lot of guys are thinking every week..why...it is such a schlep..but it you had to go on a Sunday morning you will find that the grocery store is not as busy and once done you will also have the rest of the Sunday to go out and enjoy whatever sport or hobby that you do.

Buying on a weekly basis is also easier for you to keep track of what you buy and how much you spend on a monthly basis for chow.

Now there are a few tips here for us cave men who think that the fridge miraculously coughs up food everytime we open its door.

TIP #1

It might seem like a massive strain on our brains, but working out what you eat for the week can actually save you time in the long run and money.

Sit down and see what you eat for breakfast lunch and dinner every week, then write down the food that will be involved in each meal and presto you have a weekly grocery list.

TIP #2

If you are one of those guys that are extremely busy even to such a degree that cooking isn’t always an option, then here is one solution....try preparing your food on a Sunday for the week ahead, and store it in the freezer, you might take an hour or two to do so, but think of the time you will save when coming home after work each day, time that you could be using to complete that assignment or go to the gym.

TIP #3

Pack your lunch into a mini cooler the night before, to take to work. This shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes to do, and it will save you time in the morning, and money because you won’t need to pull pass a take out joint to get food.

 Following these tips could easily help you save quite a few bucks which you could use for a that new mountain bike you have been eyeing out or that new surround sound system that you want to impress mates with.

Protein..the good stuff

Protein....the good stuff

Whey Protein
Proteins are the building blocks for the body as we all know, helps build muscle and helps with recovery for muscles after training.There are good proteins

The curse of the love handles

The Curse of the love handles

There is nothing worse than wearing a tight shirt that looks good but then also shows your love handles.

Its most mens worst nightmare to get rid of, and no matter how hard some of us train to get rid of the infamous blubbery fat, it continues to stay in one place like a stubborn mule. Not to mention some of the names people call it..”muffin top “ being one of the worst, and describing it perfectly too.

What we do wish for however is the perfect V

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rugby fans

Rugby Fans

 I myself was shocked to see the footage of a fan fight that broke about between Stormers supporters and south African Crusader supporters at Newlands a few weeks ago. It just isn’t right that rugby a sport enjoyed worldwide has to be polluted by spectators violence..if you watch the Youtube footage it is absolutely shocking the way these people acted, and the worst part is it is seen worldwide and the name of south African rugby is being tarnished by these incidents, not to mention the incident where a Rebels fan was killed by a group of men after a Sharks and Rebels game outside Kings Park Stadium.
Stormers Supporters

One of the factors involved is the sale of alcohol at stadiums which is the norm at social sports events like this, but could also be pouring petrol onto a already blazing fire, especially if tensions are getting higher from either side. In this case it was the fact that Stormers supporters who are locals were getting agitated by Crusader supporters who are also locals.

My real concern is where were the security staff

Best energy foods

Best energy foods for training

Whether it be for a game that you are going to take part in or to recover after an intense training regime, the right foods can play a factor on your performance and recovery time. Before training or a game it would be advisable to consume carbohydrates that are low gi and which will allow for better and longer performance during a game.
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