Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Decision Making part 1

Decisions part 1

We are all given decisions in some stage of our life's if not everyday, and with decisions comes consequences, good or bad.

In the garden of Eden Adam was given a choice by God when told not to eat the forbidden fruit. God gave Adam the possibility of choosing wrongly, and he did, and in doing so disobeyed God.

As in today God still gives us the possibility choosing wrongly, if God had to intervene in every decision we make it would be as if we were kept as prisoners, with now will or freedom of choice.

Genesis 2:15-17

The wrong choices may cause us pain and others. But they can help us learn and grow and make better choices .
Living  with our choices teaches us to think and choose more carefully, especially when it comes to families, and marriages.
Before making any rash decisions, it is always wise to first ask God for wisdom so that you may make the right choice.


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